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Tired of not knowing the value of your Crypto-Asset Portfolio?

Find all your Crypto-Assets and Coins in a single mobile App available for IOS and Android and as a white-label solution for financial institutions and financial services providers.

Welcome to iQotation, the advanced mobile crypto-aggregator that lets you view the balance of all your wallets and crypto-asset holdings in one synthetic view, with the ability to:

  1. Access a consolidated view of all your wallets and transaction history from multiple exchanges and cold ledgers

  2. Compare rates and fees

  3. Buy/sell/change tokens at the most competitive rates based on price, liquidity and fees

  4. Transfer tokens to your peers

  5. Easily prepare tax returns with detailed tax-reporting

  6. Get portfolio performance analytics

  7. Receive crypto-asset and investment opportunity assessments

  8. Track the iQ Crypto Index

  9. Diversify your investments with bundles of crypto-assets weighted by market cap

We are a team of like-minded and determined professionals, all sharing a vision : Crypto Assets are the future of finance ! 


Available soon for download on IOS and Android smartphones, our highly secure technology provides a layer of data consolidation and a transaction management solution to banks and financial service providers.


Our turn-key solution provides a simple user interface with a pleasant user experience allowing crypto investors to have a consolidated view of their crypto portfolio held on different exchanges and cold wallets. 

Financial institutions and service providers can integrate our API into their apps and websites to provide this outstanding user journey to their customers.

Would you like to find out more? Explore our website today and get in touch with us to be kept informed of upcoming our product release.


Shaping tomorrow's financial industry

Born out of the need to have a consolidated view of crypto-asset holdings, currently disseminated on various exchanges or hot and cold wallets, we provide the best user experience for investors to manage their crypto-portfolio. iQotation is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies, offering plug-and-play white-label solutions to financial institutions and service providers.


Founded by a group of highly experienced Fintech professionals located in Paris, France, iQotation is imbedded in the European financial services and Crypto-Asset ecosystem.

Soon to be released on IOS and Android app stores, the iQotation App will provide invaluable feedback from crypto-investors, allowing our team to closely customize our offering to the very fast changing crypto-asset market needs.

Why not join our fast growing customer base or become an early stage investor? Get in touch today to learn more about the iQotation story.

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We allow financial institutions and service providers to offer crypto-asset portfolio management and trading to their customers directly from their own App and website

At iQotation, we believe that crypto-assets will soon become mainstream investment products and that financial institutions will need to seamlessly integrate crypto-investment management solutions into their digital offering. We provide a one stop shopping API for all the crypto-investment management needs the financial industry. Read-on and reach-out to us today to find out more !

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